Rules for posting comments

For years I allowed anyone to post any comments they wished on my blog without censoring. But unfortunately some people have decided to be unethical in their posted comments – lying, using vulgar or profane language, character attacks on other commenters, and general trolling. I would still like to allow critics to post on here. But since some of them can’t behave themselves I will now hold all comments until I can review them before posting, and will not post comments that violate the following rules of good behavior:

Rules for commenting on posts:
1. Vulgarity, profanity, and character attacks will not be posted. These reveal a lack of intellectual integrity and suggest that the commenter has no good argument. No “trolling.”
2. No “novels” – long diatribes. No one wants to wade through pages and pages of your person opinions. Shorter comments will be posted more quickly than longer ones.
3. No lying, false information, or unsubstantiated claims.
4. Repeating an argument that has already been refuted is not permitted. That just wastes everybody’s time.
5. Comments must be relevant to the current post or to previous comments regarding that post.
6. Regarding hyperlinks: An occasional link is acceptable providing the linked website itself adheres to ethical standards. Hyperlinks may not be used as a substitution for rational dialog, however peer-reviewed sites may be used as a reference or for additional details.
7. I reserve the right to add additional rules as people find new ways to be unethical. Remember that you are a guest on my blog.